DWI Arrest: How Long Before My DWI Case is Over?

There is no set time for how long it will take for your Plano DWI case to be over in Collin County. By statute, the State has up to 2 YEARS from the day you are arrested to just file your Plano DWI case. That being said, below is a general guideline for the length of time it take to finish a Plano, Texas DWI.

How long before I get a court date for my DWI?
  • For a breath of blood test DWI case it typically take the state 40 to 90 days to file the DWI. The length of time is determined by how long it takes to receive your blood results from the DPS lab. Please note, DWI cases involving drugs take longer.
How long will it take if I plea guilty to my DWI charge?
  • It typically takes 2 to 3 months after your case is filed before you plea guilty to a DWI case. The length of time depends on how long it takes the state you give me (your attorney) all of the evidence against you, the pre-trial plea bargain and how long it take for you and I to have a case review to go over the facts of your case. Normally, plea cases are resolved within 6 month of your arrest.
How long will it take before I have a trial on my DWI?
  • How long it take before you has a DWI trial in Collin County depends on several factors including:
    • The court your DWI case is assigned to. Some courts had larger dockets that other and thus take more time for case to get to trial;
    • How many other cases are set for trial the same day as you trial. Older cases take precedence over younger cases. So, you case make be continued because an older case is ready for trial
    • The number of witnesses in your case
    • Whether your case is a blood or breath test case
    • If YOU want a fast trial setting or a slow one. Some clients want to push their case back as far as possible for work or personal reasons.
  • As a general rule, your DWI trial will happen 6 month to a year after the date you were arrested.
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