How do I "Clear My Record" From a DWI Arrest?

You can “clear your record” of a Plano, Texas DWI arrest IF the following occur:

  1. Your DWI case is dismissed; OR
  2. Your are found NOT Guilty!

You CAN NOT “clear your record” if you plea guilty or are found guilty of a DWI in Texas. A conviction for DWI in Texas is permanent . There is no 5, 10 or 20 year rule that would allow you to “clear your record” of DWI conviction.

If I am Found not Guilty or my DWI Case is Dismissed, What do I do?

If you are found NOT Guilty, you have an immediate right to an expunction of your “record.” But, an expunction does not happen automatically. You have to file a petition for expunction with a district court, file the necessary paperwork, then present the petition to a judge for approval.

If your case is dismissed, you must wait 2 years from the date of your arrest before you can file an expunction.

How Does an Expunction “Clear My Record”?

An expunction erased EVERY record of your arrest! Everything! In fact, if you obtain an expunction for your Plano, Texas DWI you never have to disclose you were even arrested.

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