What Happens After You are Released From Jail?

After you are released for a Plano DWI arrest, you need to take care of a few issues quickly.

1) Act Fast to protect your driving privileges:

An officer will typically confiscate a citizen’s driver’s license when they are arrested for DWI. This DOES NOT mean your license is suspended. The first thing that must be done after your release in to request and Administrative Hearing to prevent your driver’s license from being AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED. You have 15 DAYS from the date of your release to request this hearing. If you do not request this hearing your LICENSE WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED effective on the 40th day after your arrest.

Prior to your release you should have been given instructions on how to request an Administrative Hearing. However, the rules on requesting these hearings are complex and somewhat tricky. Our office PROVIDED FREE ASSISTANCE to HELP PRESERVE your DRIVING RIGHTS. If you need help with requesting an Administrative Hearing PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE at (469) 619-3800.

After dealing with the Administrative Hearing, your next step should be to seek an attorney to advise you of what to do in your case. DWI has very complex laws and legal issues. The attorney you choose should be very familiar with the DWI laws. Additionally, each county has its own way of doing things as do the different courts within the county. Therefore, choosing an attorney who is familiar with the procedures of the courts and the counties where you are charged will benefit you greatly in resolving your case. It is extremely important to consult an attorney as quickly as possible after your arrest. Our Office DOES NOT CHARGE for initial consultations. For a FREE EVALUATION or your case please call (469) 619-3800 for a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION consultation and evaluation of you case.

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