What is Likely Outcome in My DWI Case?

The are 4 likely outcomes for your Plano, Texas DWI arrest:

  1. Your case will be dismissed or never filed (This RARELY HAPPENS in Collin County);
  2. You accept a plea bargain offer from the district attorney and plea guilty;
  3. You reject a plea bargain offer from the district attorney and set your case for trial;
  4. You have a trial on your Plano, Texas DWI charge and you are either found guilty or not guilty?

The worst outcome for the majority of my clients arrested for DWI in Collin County, Texas is some type of probation.

YOU DO NOT have to go back to jail unless you choose to accept a jail plea instead of probation.

What is the Likely Plea Bargain Offer by the District Attorney?

Generally, the district attorney will offer a plea bargain that consists of a fine and a term of probation. However, the terms of probation are expensive, time consuming and could restrict your ability to perform your job.

What Happens if I Elect to go to Trial and am Found Guilty, Will I get Worse Punishment From the Judge Than Offered by the District Attorney?

I Collin County, you will typically receive the same OR LESS punishment from a judge after your trial than what was offered to you by the district attorney as a plea bargain.

Because of this fact, most clients set their case for trial because the punishment is rarely worse. Often times, the punishment is significantly better for my client if the elect to go to trial.

Is DWI Probation the Right Choice for me?

For the vast majority of my clients, the answer is , “NO!” Collin county DWI probation is expensive, time consuming, personally invasive and for the majority of my clients not necessary. For example, if you accept probation in Collin County, Texas for a DWI you will have to:

  • Pay a large fine;
  • Complete numerous expensive probation classes;
  • Be assigned a probation officer who you must meet with once per month. You also have to agree to allow the probation officer to come to your home or work place if he or she requests a visit;
  • Pay monthly probation fees;
  • Complete community service;
  • Perform random urinalysis tests. Each test cost around $60 and your probation officer can require as many as he or she wants. There are no excuses for missing a RUA and the probation officer can request one AT ANY TIME, including while
  • you are at work;
  • You may be require to have an alcohol monitoring device on your person or vehicle;
  • You cannot leave the State of Texas or the Country without permission from your probation officer;
  • ETC.

As you can see, probation requires a lot from a person and in overly intrusive. Most of my clients are first time offenders. They are good people who happened to get caught one night making a mistake. The majority of my clients do not need a 2o something year old probation officer requiring them to pee in a cup at 2:00p.m. on a Tuesday.

What do I Recommend to my Clients?

I do not put many clients on probation for the reasons stated above. The vast majority of my clients are either found not guilty or accept a VERY SHORT jail term instead of probation. In Collin County, DWI jail terms normally consist of a matter of HOURS in jail not days.

By accepting jail instead of probation, my clients save thousand of dollar and countless headaches dealing with probation officers.

HOWEVER, not all clients want to return to jail for ANY amount of time. In those cases, we resolve the client’s case with either a not guilty verdict or the shortest probationary time possible.

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