Will My Employer Find out About My DWI Arrest?

All arrest records in Texas are public information. This means that if you are arrested for DWI in Plano, Texas or any other city in Collin County ANY person, including your employer, can find out about your arrest.

How can My Employer Find out About My Arrest?

Arrest records are public information and can be found by an online search. This means that your employer would have to actively seek information about you being arrested in Plano, Texas for DWI.

Generally, the police department you were arrested by in Collin County will NOT contact your employer. So, the bottom line is, yes your employer can find out about your DWI arrest in Plano, Texas or any other city in Collin County. But, your employer will have to search for your Plano arrest information.

Do I Have to Tell My Employer About My DWI Arrest?

The answer to that question depends on your employer. I advise clients to check their employee manual to see if they are required to inform an employee about a DWI arrest in Collin County.

If a client has a question about informing their employer about a DWI arrest, I have my client send me information from their employee manual or employment agreement and advise them after reviewing the documents.

How Will a DWI Arrest or Conviction Affect My job?

Depends on the type of job you have and your employer. Certain professions prohibit employment for a person with a DWI charge. In addition, certain employers, especially those who require their employees to drive as part of their job, prohibit employment for anyone convicted of DWI.

How do I Remove My DWI Arrest mug Shot From Being Viewed Online?

Collin County will take a mug shot of you after your arrest and it will be posted online. This mug shot cannot be removed until after your case is over and only under certain circumstances. The good news is that Collin County mug shots are VERY HARD for a layperson to find.

Mug shot found on independent websites are an entirely different story. Online mug shots posted by private companies are VERY EASY to find. Typically, extortionist web companies will post mug shots on line and will not remove them unless you pay the company a very high fee.

The good news if that if your case is dismissed, your are given deferred adjudication or are found not guilty you can force these predatory companies to remove your photo from their website.

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